The Easiest Way To Shave Your Head

Fellas.  What is the easiest way to shave your head with a razor?  Well Matt has been kind enough to answer that question for us by sharing his method.  I can vouch for his style of shaving, because his shaves are always clean and smooth.  That’s why it was a priority for us to get him to share his secrets. Continue reading  

Here Is An Effective Tutorial For Shaving Your Head

Hey guys.  Here is a method demonstrated by Joseph Mitchell on shaving your head.  In the video, he gets down to brass tacks and is all business, unlike this tutorial.  I appreciate the video that Joseph made because he shows how safe and easy shaving can be, while also filling the viewers in on his own personal experience.  Continue reading  

How To Shave Your Head With A Razor

Hey, come on in! I’m pleased that you have visited our site here at Master The Razor.  Before we get started, let me address the obvious point.  While the original intent of this site was to provide knowledge and advice for Brothers looking to shave their heads (with a razor), it quickly became apparent that all sorts of men (and women) also shave.  Or at least would like to learn how.  Therefore we added resources to help our straight-haired friends out with knowledge and advice on how to shave properly. Continue reading  

How To Shave Your Head – The Cliff Notes

Let’s cut to the chase; you just need a point in the right direction on how to shave your head.  Okay fine.

Here ya go:

  • Use a clean, sharp razor
  • Shave after showering (or washing your head with soap & hot water)
  • Apply your aftershave
  • Shave with the grain (that typically means downward)
  • If you miss any spots, wet the missed area with water before reshaving in a downward or sideways motion
  • By careful of multiple strokes over the same area, as this can lead to irritation and razor bumps
  • Once finished, wash your head with cold water (or a cold water drenched washcloth)
  • OPTIONAL: Apply your preferred aftershave to finish up

And you will have yourself a clean shave!  No irritation, no burning, no bumps.


If you want to learn in detail how to shave your head properly from the men that do it every day, then click here.  And if you just wanna see how it’s done real quick, watch this short video:


These Brothas are supporters of Bump Patrol, the aftershave made specifically for black men.  Full disclosure, I’ve never used any of their products (or any aftershave for that matter).  But if you want to be absolutely sure to avoid razor bumps, then give it a try.  Take a look at some of their products below.

How to shave your head

Bump Patrol Original Formula.


How to Shave Your Head

Here is the Bump Patrol Maximum Strength formula.

How to shave your head

Here is the Bump Patrol Sensitive Formula.

What Is The Best Way For Black Men To Shave? Here’s My Routine

I can honestly tell you that the first time shaving my head with a razor was daunting.  It’s not that I had a problem with the shave; truth is, everything went really well.  My issues were with my nerves!  I was a little on edge because I was so nervous.  But that’s normal.  As time moved and I began to build some experience shaving, I relaxed.  Now that shaving my head has become more routine, let me share my process with you. Continue reading  

Alright Fellas; Let’s Talk About Razor Safety For Black Men

Let’s Talk About Razor Safety For Black Men.

This website wouldn’t be credible at all if we didn’t address this matter.  And for most of us, whenever the subject of shaving comes up, the obvious issue is razor bumps.  Well, what if I said to you that the problem isn’t with the bumps, but the education?  Then would you be willing to listen? (and props to Craig the barber, that’s his line) Continue reading  

Bald Head Shaving Tips: Try This Method Used By Alsmillions

If you are looking for a way to shave your head bald right now, then this is a pretty good little method.  In this video, shared by Alsmillions (of Youtube fame), you’ll actually see how quick and easy shaving your head with a razor can be. Continue reading  

Shaving Your Head Bald For The First Time? Try This Quick, Safe, & EASY Way

So you finally decided to do it.  After all the time spent going back-n-forth, talking to people and doing the research, you’re definitely going to shave your head bald. Continue reading