Here Is An Effective Tutorial For Shaving Your Head

Hey guys.  Here is a method demonstrated by Joseph Mitchell on shaving your head.  In the video, he gets down to brass tacks and is all business, unlike this tutorial.  I appreciate the video that Joseph made because he shows how safe and easy shaving can be, while also filling the viewers in on his own personal experience.  Continue reading  

How To Shave Your Head With A Razor

Hey, come on in! I’m pleased that you have visited our site here at Master The Razor.  Before we get started, let me address the obvious point.  While the original intent of this site was to provide knowledge and advice for Brothers looking to shave their heads (with a razor), it quickly became apparent that all sorts of men (and women) also shave.  Or at least would like to learn how.  Therefore we added resources to help our straight-haired friends out with knowledge and advice on how to shave properly. Continue reading