How To Shave Your Head – The Cliff Notes

Let’s cut to the chase; you just need a point in the right direction on how to shave your head.  Okay fine.

Here ya go:

  • Use a clean, sharp razor
  • Shave after showering (or washing your head with soap & hot water)
  • Apply your aftershave
  • Shave with the grain (that typically means downward)
  • If you miss any spots, wet the missed area with water before reshaving in a downward or sideways motion
  • By careful of multiple strokes over the same area, as this can lead to irritation and razor bumps
  • Once finished, wash your head with cold water (or a cold water drenched washcloth)
  • OPTIONAL: Apply your preferred aftershave to finish up

And you will have yourself a clean shave!  No irritation, no burning, no bumps.


If you want to learn in detail how to shave your head properly from the men that do it every day, then click here.  And if you just wanna see how it’s done real quick, watch this short video:


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How to shave your head

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How to Shave Your Head

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How to shave your head

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