Shaving Your Head Bald For The First Time? Try This Quick, Safe, & EASY Way

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So you finally decided to do it.  After all the time spent going back-n-forth, talking to people and doing the research, you’re definitely going to shave your head bald.

easiest way to shave your head

Time to graduate to the razor.

With a razor.

Well let me be the first to congratulate you Broh.  Believe me, I know how you feel.  It was literally yesterday that I was in your shoes.  I know how it is – you definitely want to do it, but you’re scared.  Well…nervous.  Right?  You just wanna make sure that shaving your head bald for the first time is done properly.  And safely.

Trust me, I get it.  That’s why I want to share with you the way that I did it.  And I’ll tell you this; it is easy and safe.  And that’s exactly what we both want.

Now let’s get to it.

Before We Begin

Let’s be honest here.  Since this is your first time, you’re probably a little nervous.  Yes that’s normal.  But it’s time to let that go.  In fact by talking with other fellas, I’ve learned that most guys that razor had already been cutting their own heads with clippers.

And that’s how I got to this point myself: I’ve been shaving my head with clippers for years and was comfortable with it.  But  I had been wanting a closer shave for quite some time (years actually).  So the concept of using a razor wasn’t an impulse decision, as it came from an extended period of contemplation.  And believe me, I talked to everyone under the sun about it.  I watched the videos, rapped with store clerks, the whole nine yards.

But what it ultimately came down to was confidence.  I was scared.  That’s right – I was scared.  Years ago, I had fooled with a razor and it didn’t work out too good.  Since then, I had a limiting belief about our ability to use razors.  The point is, I let that hangup hold me back.

Yes, you can get skin irritation and razor bumps if you don’t take the necessary precautions.  But you’re already on the right track.  I wanted to give you my background because I understand that putting that razor on your head can be a little scary.  But you’ll be fine.  Believe that.

The Tools

Alright fellas.  So here’s what I used:

Shaving Head For The First Time (The Method)

First off…I made sure to relax!

I started off by thoroughly washing my face, head, and neck with a soapy washcloth (the 1st one) and hot water.  That

shaving your head bald for the first time

Getting it done.

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was done to clean my scalp of the grime and oils, so my hair would be easier to shave.

Next I sprayed a healthy amount of the gel into my hand and rubbed it into a lather (in my hands).  I know I used too much because after applying a thick coat to my head, there was still plenty in my hands that I had to wash off.

Then it was time to shave.  I began with my left jawline right below the ear, and went across my face from left to right.  I did this because I am Left-Handed.  Obviously, if you are Right-Handed, reverse the order.  I did not press down firmly as I shaved & I went with the grain.  This is important: ALWAYS GO WITH THE GRAIN!!

After shaving my face, I did my head.  The first thing I did was shave the area behind my ears back-to-front, like a semicircle.  I began behind my ear at the bottom and finished with the blade in the front, meeting my beard line.

Then I shaved with the grain in a downwards motion, starting with my hair at my temples.  I worked my way towards the back as far as I could see facing the mirror (leaving the back of my head unshaved).  Then I did the same thing on the right side of my head.

Once I finished the sides, I turned around.  At this point with my back to the mirror, I used the handheld mirror and positioned it to see the back of my head and shaved that area (if you’ve shaved with clippers before, then you should know how to do this).  The trick here is to be gentle on your head when shaving with your non-dominant hand.

At this point, I had covered my whole head.  I used all the mirror angles to inspect it and was satisfied.  Then I washed up with the 1st washcloth to remove the excess shaving cream and clean things up.

Lastly, I drenched the second washcloth in cold water to soothe my head and face and neck.  I did not use one drop of alcohol, and am happy to tell ya that I experienced NO skin irritation.  Or razor bumps.

How about that?

Final Thoughts

That’s how I did it guys.  It was a lot simpler that I expected.  But with that said, let me add in a few pointers for you:

  • Shaving my head bald for the first time was simple because I concentrated on the task and minimized my distractions.  I left my phone outside of the bathroom, didn’t play any music, and made sure the house was quiet.  Allow yourself to concentrate on the task at hand the first time until you get the swing of things.
  • I gently shaved my face and head.  With a clipper, I am more experienced, so I am not as delicate.  But since I was using a razor for the first time, I was much more gentle on my head.  In other words, allow the razor to do the work.  Be gentle on your head.
  • All I did was shave in clean, even strokes over the shaving cream.  Just go with the grain (in other words, shave downward).
  • I rinsed the blade after (almost) every stroke.  That kept my blade clean and gave me a smooth shave.  I suggest that you do the same.
  • I did a good enough job that I only went over my head with one pass.  Being real, just accept that the first shave will give you a good but not perfect shave.  Afterwards, I could feel some stubble when running my hand against the grain, but the cut was even & it looked good.  Stick with that for now until you get more experience.


That’s it.  You can do this too.  I promise you that after shaving my head this first time, I now have the confidence to begin shaving on a regular basis.  Shaving every other day fits my comfort level personally.  After you shave your head that first time, you will know what works best for you too.

But in order to get to that point, you just have to do it man.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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