What Is The Best Way For Black Men To Shave? Here’s My Routine

I can honestly tell you that the first time shaving my head with a razor was daunting.  It’s not that I had a problem with the shave; truth is, everything went really well.  My issues were with my nerves!  I was a little on edge because I was so nervous.  But that’s normal.  As time moved and I began to build some experience shaving, I relaxed.  Now that shaving my head has become more routine, let me share my process with you. Continue reading  

Alright Fellas; Let’s Talk About Razor Safety For Black Men

Let’s Talk About Razor Safety For Black Men.

This website wouldn’t be credible at all if we didn’t address this matter.  And for most of us, whenever the subject of shaving comes up, the obvious issue is razor bumps.  Well, what if I said to you that the problem isn’t with the bumps, but the education?  Then would you be willing to listen? (and props to Craig the barber, that’s his line) Continue reading  

Shaving Your Head Bald For The First Time? Try This Quick, Safe, & EASY Way

So you finally decided to do it.  After all the time spent going back-n-forth, talking to people and doing the research, you’re definitely going to shave your head bald. Continue reading