The Easiest Way To Shave Your Head

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Fellas.  What is the easiest way to shave your head with a razor?  Well Matt has been kind enough to answer that question for us by sharing his method.  I can vouch for his style of shaving, because his shaves are always clean and smooth.  That’s why it was a priority for us to get him to share his secrets.

I know you’ll enjoy his advice.  He gives us his tips with detail and the ease that comes with years of experience in perfecting his craft.  There is no doubt that both the beginning shaver and more veteran shavers can benefit from this advice.  So without further ado, here’s the man himself breaking it down:


I’ve been shaving approximately 17 years.

Methods vary a little with trial and error. In the beginning, I use soap and shave with anything that looks like it shaves

Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel

Here is the gel the gets results.

hair. These days I begin by washing my head and use hair conditioner. Next, I lather my head with Gillette Fusion shaving gel.

  • Tip1: The less time you stroke the razor blade on your head, the less irritation you will have.

Razors today are very expensive, so I choose to use the latest razor Gillette Fusion with power.

  • Tip2: If you buy cheap razors, you are more likely to have an outbreak of some sort. Knowing you hair type and the way your hair grows is important.

(It takes me about seven minutes to shave my head.  And then another five minutes to shape up my beard or goatee and shave the rest of my face.)

Your method is very important.  You will either look like a Mr. Clean (wow) or your head will look like a Nestle crunch bar (like that Freddy Krueger smacked you in your head). First I clean

  • Tip3: Clean your head with soap and water. Dirt, grease, and any other element will clog your blade.
  • Tip4: Conditioning your head makes your hair softer and hair that’s soft cuts easier.
  • Tip5: Once I used a blade three times, I change it.  When the blade starts dulling, it will pinch, resulting in the red polka dots all over your head.  Pay attention to your direction – the way the blade moves on your head.

    Gillette Fusion Power Razor

    Here is the tool.

  • Tip6: For a close shave, you can go against the grain, but be careful!  Here’s the trick; remember, hair type and the way your hair grows determines how you shave, ie which is the proper way to receive the best results.

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Guys…please use common sense.  If your hair grows inward, it will produce a bump.  If you shave against the grain, you will bump up! I have a swirl in the center of my head and I have to shave that hair a whole different way to receive the best and closest shave. For my new guys joining the bald head world, take your time with a razor. No face making in mirror (meaning no lifting your eyebrows – it will make a ripple and you will cut a chunk out of your head). Shave slowly.  Speed will come later with repetition.

The last step is for after the head is completely shaved.  Very important!  What do I put on my head after my masterpiece is complete?

In the beginning, I was like clueless Joe in the shaving aisle buying this crap. Here is where the wisdom of experience kicks in.  Simply use Vaseline (and no caking it on).  Use it when you are getting in the shower or already out.  Either way, this will calm down razor burns and give attention to any nicks that occurred.

I say this – once you have the proper tools, and a little trial and error, you will have the bald head people will comment on. I hope my seven tips were resourceful and useful.  If you have any questions or tips that might make my shaving experience better, please send me an email


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